Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Pseudo" as defined by

Definition #2 is a bit kinder than Definition #1

"Pseudo-economics" as defined by

Not exactly what we're trying to promote here.

"Pseudo-economics" as defined by

Take it into context - it's your brain on fire.'s logo is a brain. A brain shooting off neurons; ideas, opinions, whether they be based on shaky ground, or solid facts, is irrelevant - what matters is that the thought-provoking textual catalysts that are presented here, do just that: provoke thought.

Most posts will be about:


My theory didn't exactly work, but I still look badass in this picture.

Gotta find me some monies.


That's a pretty aggressive laugh, Batman.
And other subjects.

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We too, at are fluent in these languages.

For now, we'll keep you posted.