Sunday, September 1, 2013

Giving control to the customer - Netflix has done it well

A friend of mine sent me a video that's gone viral:

Kevin Spacey urging TV Channel executives to give control to viewers

It's going to be interesting to see how Netflix's business model and other tech-based disruptive innovations will affect what consumers demand and Netflix's competitors roll out in the coming year.

Kudos to Netflix for rolling with the punches after it's stock took a hit in 2011 when it decided to raise its subscription prices.

The market had lost faith back then (as markets often do), forcing the company to subsequently go through a sustained market price trough, taking shareholders along a rough ride (having experienced a high of $300 per share to then see it plummet to the low $50's), until early 2013, when it began to bounce back.

Keep that slope positive please

Having the market punish your company and then staging a comeback that doesn't come down to just pricing strategies, is very respectable.

Let's hope they keep innovating.

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