Sunday, May 3, 2015

From The Economist: Techs-Mex

Slowly, but surely, Mexico is catching up with the rest of the world's start-up scene.

I wish I could fast-forward my nobel prize in economics series to start learning about the origins of entrepreneurial economics, and the men/women that shaped this school of thought.

I've recently read up on Schumpeter, specifically about the term and concept he coined, that has become synonymous with innovation: creative destruction.

A quick and inspired Google search (keywords: entrepreneurism in Mexico) led to an interesting result: 

I believe Mexico's and other similar countries' growth will come from entrepreneurship.

Better yet, to have this growth be a product of the virtuous circle that results from inclusive political (checks on power from those that govern) and economic (freedom to compete in a fairer market) institutions would be most momentous.

Sustainable growth. 

Just as is the case with other countries, we have yet to catch up.

We (us) must do it right.

This is what this blog has been meant to pursue: the search for an interesting, objective formula that leads to sustainable economic growth.

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